Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Jet planes and flash

Sigh...beautiful day today, and then it had to rain in the evening. There goes that flawless polish on my car.

Dinner included a massive pan-seared steak au poivre, paired with a glass of 1986 Dow's Colheita Port. It works - great piece of beef and a sublime, old port.

Picked up my father from the airport. Finally repatriated that bottle of scotch from my uncle's. Will discuss it in detail later, but that bottle of scotch is very old, and very important to the family.

This is turning into a blockbuster week. VintagesOnline release today, although nothing spectacular. A lot of Argentinian wine - very, very, expensive Argentinian wines.

Also a great surprise - one of my uncles gave us another bottle of 8 year Shaoxing wine.

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