Sunday, May 3, 2009

La Crema, après

I've had the La Crema chardonnay open for a few days in the fridge - how will it hold up? I remember the Chablis I drank a few months ago drinking very well after 24 hours, so I had high expectations.

On the nose, much more citrus zest, and that characteristic muskiness you get from sur lie aging. The 13.9% alcohol begins rearing its ugly head - chokes as the wine warms. In the mouth, a lot of buttery creaminess, and lots of bitterness on the finish. Does not hold the alcohol well on the palate.

This is a one and done wine. You need to finish it in one go, because it begins breaking down in its more basic elements. Too much alcohol and a bit too eager with the malolactic fermentation. A shame, because great wines develop and improve with air. Again, for $30, I expect more.

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