Saturday, May 30, 2009

My history behind the lens

I've waited years before investing in a D-SLR, but only because I needed to be sure about my committment to learning photography. I think I'm ready, on all counts. The D90 was the right piece of equipment, and my interest in photography has been reignited.

I have a history with photography. We had a friend who was a professional photographer - Nikon F4, climate/humidity controlled locker, studio at home - the real deal. He took me under his tutelage, teaching me how to compose, and exposing me to different styles. It was a great education, but photography, as in all hobbies, required a lot of time and money, an investment I was hesitant to make. But that was then.

Seagull DF-1

My first camera was a Seagull DF-1, a camera once belonging to my grandfather. I adore it. It's heavy, solid steel, and completely manual. They don't make cameras like old Seagulls anymore. The lens is also Seagull, a 58 mm - focussing was always an interesting exercise. There's a circle inside, bisected diagonally. You have to focus the circle, so that both halves line up - the rest of the frame is blurry. Very, very interesting.

I also remember playing with a Yashica camera that we used for years. Alas, my father misguidedly gave it to my in-the-closet cousin. If he used it, I wouldn't be so bitter, but I'm sure it's being neglected, if not thrown out. My beautiful Yashica. I hope my cousin doesn't treat his boyfriends like he did my camera.

Nikon F60

For the past 10 years or so, we've been using a Nikon F60. I'm not too familiar with this camera - I preferred my Seagull, and then there was this whole, awkward phase with Canon point-and-shoot cameras. Like I said, awkward.

So, here's to a brilliant and bright future to me and my D90. Regardless of equipment - it's the photographer that takes the photo, not the camera. I'm excited and ready to go!

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