Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Orange, Part II

I was excited this weekend after I bought my first pair of shoes in almost 3 years. There was an issue with size, so I got them to hold another size for me. Guess what happened? I walked into Holt with a new pair of shoes, and returned empty handed.

My fault. I, like an idiot, somehow asked for a size 40, even though I'm conclusively a size 41. Shit. The shoes I saw today were the proper size, but for some reason, were two different shades of orange and clearly worn. I'm not paying $250 for a used, mismatched pair of shoes.

So, back to where I started. Imbecile!

1 comment:

  1. summer is almost here! we need to hit the patio.. that will cure ur boredom..

    too bad.. i would hav liked to seen those orange shoes.