Saturday, May 2, 2009


I bought a pair of orange boat shoes today.

Orange Cole Haan

Are they crazy? I think the pretty girl at Holt should take responsibility for this purchase. You're liable to make irrational decisions when good looking hotties tell you how fantastic you look in bright orange shoes.

Suckered in by the beautiful people of Holt Renfrew.


  1. Oh my gawd I have to see these on David...and post your other purchases!

    Also...yes, I got suckered by a cute boy into buying a pair of pink sunglasses that went with my "kicks". happens. All the time. Don't ever make eye contact.

  2. lol, I had to call in today, they're the wrong size. i was so fixated on the fact that they were orange that I forgot the right size is important too.

  3. What's the brand of these shoes???

  4. cole haan... and i got the same ones!