Sunday, May 3, 2009

R&R Sunday

So, I got up at 11am today, got a much-needed haircut, and promptly went back to bed at 2pm until now. I love sleeping. Either that or I must be absolutely lazy. Had a nice dream though. We were wine tasting in a large group, and the tour guide said, "So who here studied at Waterloo?" I think I raised my arms and said something like, "Yeah, yeah, represent!!" I don't know what I should be mortified at, my reply or the fact that I was wine tasting in a group.

The boat shoes ran into a hurdle today. I think I bought the wrong size. I was so focussed on the damn colour that I didn't realize they were a size too small. Oops. Out of practice. My shopping expertise is clearly in wine, and little else.


In another note, some friends are going off to Waterloo again for the summer term. My sympathies, as the weather is getting nicer and nicer. Best of luck for the term!

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