Saturday, May 30, 2009

Taiwan's tea

Taiwan oo-longTaiwan oo-long

I need something to take my mind off things.

There is a very famous mountain in Taiwan called Ali Mountain (阿里山). Very, very beautiful. This oo-long tea is grown there, and is one of the finest teas I've ever tasted. Oo-long is fermented longer than green tea, giving it more power and depth - a brawny, rich tea.

This tea is hand-picked, unfurling its very large, whole leaves. The tea is a luminous, deep gold. Very floral on the bouquet, with the tell-tale brambliness of green tea. In the mouth, it's very layered, with an almost nutty character, backed by brambles and a woolly texture. Completely coats the palate with its great weight. Long, delightfully bitter finish.

If only the Taiwanese were this potent at their politics........

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