Sunday, June 28, 2009

2007 Creek Shores

2007 13th Street

2007 13th Street Funk Vineyard Riesling, VQA Creek Shores

The thing that Niagara rieslings do so well is satisfy those urges for cheerful, charming wines. The 2007 rieslings are incredibly rich, with great ripeness and this intense, oil minerality. This bottle was from my trip to Niagara in March, the first time I visited and tasted the wines of 13th Street.

Light straw yellow in colour. Bouncy, ripe nose of stewed pears, apple. Very overt minerality, reminiscent of oily lanolin cream. Bright, bright fruit. Tangy and tingly acidity on the palate. Higher alcohol, which is noticeable. Noble that they wanted to control the sweetness, but the alcohol is a bit shocking. Tart finish. Lingering.

A fine, cheerful riesling, with ripe fruit, decent balance, and impressive minerality. Alcohol a bit too high, at a listed 12.3%, but the wine's ripeness is able to support it.

Although at $24, better buys are available.

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