Thursday, June 4, 2009



Has it really been 20 years? The images are still so vivid. I'm not sure about what I want to remember it as. Referring to it as a massacre or a movement seems trivial in the context of the number of lives 6/4 changed. It's an injustice to offer judgement and criticism on this day, of either side. Today's a day to remember what the students stood for, and to remember why they took those risks and why they were sacrificed.

I'm an idealist. Nothing is so terrifying as not having the right to be a free thinker. Monolithic thinking is the root of ignorance, and if we aren't able to foster an environment for free thinkers to flourish, there is only one logical conclusion: a revolution.

Today, I wore white to remember the free thinkers of 6/4. I quietly toasted the ideals they represented and fought for. Bodies and voices can be crushed and silenced, but ideals are everlasting.

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