Tuesday, June 23, 2009

LCBO, Night of

7000 LCBO employees prepare to hit picket line

The latest. It looks like unionized LCBO workers are going on strike at midnight tonight. Hopefully, BV will stay open, but you never know.

This situation is just getting ridiculous. I have absolutely no sympathy for these people. I would if they provided excellent, knowledgable service, but everytime I walk into LCBO with a question, I'm left sorely disappointed. I can't even remember how many times I've asked for a bottle, only to be told that it's still not on shelf. But you can't open the box and pull out 2 bottles for me? No, these people can't be bothered to help out. Go f*ck yourselves. This shit would not inherit in a decent society. Fire every single f*cking unsatisfied motherf*cker and hire people that actually want to work with wine. These disinterested workers who know nothing about wine, and less about service, don't deserve it.

Garbage is going to be a problem soon. Dammit man, how did it come to this? Toronto is not supposed to be like this, where anyone can shut down the city so long as they have the numbers. Garbage pickers don't want to pick garbage and want to earn a white-collar wage? Get a f*cking education and find a better job. Jobs are not a right - no one deserves to be guaranteed anything. Earn a living like everyone else. You greedy motherf*ckers. Absolute swine.

I'll be straight up. If we start seeing maggots in our garbage, I'm dumping everything on Leslie. Straight up dumping my shit on the road. Come try and ticket me.

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