Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Sweated....just made it in time. One minute until midnight, one minute until July. Would have been a very unhappy man if my streak ended like that.

I occupy many roles at home, and among them is plumbing. I am the plumber of the house. I say it with pride because I pride myself in being able to fix and take care of anything.

Our shower faucet is f*cked. The inner tap is pretty old, and the cold water faucet was causing some water to leak. My mother brilliantly suggested that we take a look at it at 10:30pm, minutes after I returned from the gym. It looked fine. But, when I installed it again...........a drip-drip-drip turned into gush-gush-gush. And then, my father even more brilliantly suggested that I wrap the f*cking thing with so much plumbing tape that I didn't know if I was sealing it or mummifying the damn thing.

Guess what happened.

On my third turn, the whole thing snapped. The whole, entire, f*cking thing snapped at the neck. It's a geyser now.

So now what.

Our main water is all turned off, and since Home Depot is closed tomorrow, we'll have to wait until Thursday to buy a new tap. Until then, we're collecting water in buckets, keeping the main off for until absolutely necessary.

See, this is what happens when the plumber of the house is overruled on major decisions. Like what to do, when to do, and how to do.

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