Friday, June 26, 2009


I'm missing my friends, I haven't seen them in an age.

Good buzz from the wine we drank tonight. A duo of whites - one cheerful, one serious. Both, absolutely delicious.

I dropped by LCBO last night, to pick up a VintagesOnline order, and a catalogue. You know what I hate? When you step up to the service counter to pick up an order, but they won't allow you to pay for any bottles. I had two bottles of 2008 Flat Rock Cellars Pinot Noir, and a Havana Club anejo blanco, but she wouldn't let me pay for it at her counter. Even though I was waiting there for my Vintages order, and she had nothing to do. I don't want to call her a lazy fat f*ck, but she was a lazy fat f*ck. Come on. Public confidence in the LCBO is at an all time low, and you don't take care of your best customers? I'm there every single week, either picking up bottles or Vintages orders, and you want me to carry all my shit over to a separate counter to pay for my wine? Come on, let's be reasonable.

In any case, my wine was in good condition, and I look forward to opening it in the next few months. I was very surprised to see the Flat Rock pinot. When I was at the winery 2 weeks ago, the little girl clearly told me that the 2008's were still in barrel, and had yet to be bottled. Yet I see them in bottle, on sale, this week. Little girl needs a bit of a re-education. Ed, your staff are kind of clueless.

Weather just feeling tropical, no? I can't complain. Not after the winter we had. But if I start seeing maggots in our garbage........grrrrrrrrrrrrr.

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