Sunday, June 28, 2009

At work

Late night, in front of the computer........just like old times!

Only this time, I'm willingly staying up late to get some work done. Filmed some material today, and editing right now. I'm working with a new software, that supports HD, so still feeling my way through it. It feels rewarding though - video seems much more creative than just blogging.

Drank a glorious bottle of wine tonight. More details later. My teeth, gums, and tongue are stained inky purple. In fact, my mouth is so black I look like a Southeast Asian extra from Pirates of the Caribbean.

Not that great of an impression if you're taking a girl out, and order a nice bottle of red wine, only to discover that two glasses later, you look like you've been eating dirt. Stick with white wine, fellas. Or better yet, Champagne. If you have to go with red wine, go with Burgundy, or something like a sangiovese from southern Italy. Lighter-bodied wines that hopefully, won't turn your mouth into a horrifically unattractive mess of tannin-caked streaks.

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