Friday, June 19, 2009

Body slammed

Wow, what a week. I discovered a newfound commitment to working out. Really pounded the weights heavy this week, and I feel wasted. But strangely, there's a satisfaction to lifting until you literally find yourself shaking. Mr. Filipino was also working out on Tuesday. With his GL uniform on, he looks bulky, but not particularly imposing. With his workout gear on - black tank top, matching sweats - he looks Hulkishly ripped. A surprising the 3 months that I've been training with him, I've put on about 12 pounds of muscle.

Shit storm brewing at home, but I'm trying to cope. Opened a bottle of Central Otago pinot noir, and the searing alcohol is helping with things. Vinously speaking, I could be doing better. A poor value wine.

Notes and photos up tomorrow. I hear it's going to rain all day, which will provide the perfect setting for sleeping in. Drip, drip, drip - just what I need.

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