Saturday, June 13, 2009

Chill...just chill

Enjoyed myself in Niagara today. Weather was quite nice - too much sun burns, in more ways than one.

First stop was to Flat Rock Cellars. I drank a New Zealand pinot noir last night, and it did not measure up to what Flat Rock proposes, and I wanted to confirm it. Tasted a few wines, but I was excited the most about the 2008's. More on Flat Rock, in detail, later.

Lunch was fantastic. The first time to this establishment for me - details in a few.

Dropped into the Niagara Parks Botanical Garden for the first time in what must be at least 15 years. Took some photos - let me know how I did.

Tired after a long day. Chilling in the basement, where it's nice and cool. Enjoying (quite a few) glasses of Kacaba riesling, as well as a very, very old Rheingau riesling. Nice contrast.

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