Monday, June 1, 2009

East Finals, Game 6

Well, we certainly didn't see this coming, did we. Cleveland, done in 6. The league all but coronated a Lebron/Kobe Finals, before the playoffs even began.

Lebron was legendary, especially in Game 5, but yet again, he has no team. Mo Williams talks a lot of shit, but he's a few nerves and inches short of being this generation's Pippen.

This series was fantastic, a joy to watch. Orlando has really shown it's a contender. I still don't understand how Cleveland can devolve from total dominating opponents in the regular season and first 2 rounds to a complete mess. Lebron was magical, but this isn't a video game.

What's really impressed me is how Rafer Alston performed. In a telltale play, as he brought the ball up in transition, the Alston we remember in a Raptors uniform would have chucked up a corner three and missed badly. This year's Skip stopped, looked for his teammates, and initiated a play for Dwight, leading to an easy bucket. He's really matured, and understands how to run a team now. Very, very impressive.

What was also telling was how Lebron skulked right into the locker room after the game ended, without so much as a handshake or a congratulatory embrace. That's classless, man. You should know better. He gave a weak explanation about being a competitor, but what he doesn't understand is that true competitors always acknowledge their opponents, loss or otherwise. That's respecting the game. Forget all this shit he claims about respecting and loving basketball. That was an absolutely childish move.

I guess money can't buy you class. Even with the mansion, with the 12 cars, with all the fancy clothes...he dines with Buffett, but how come he has yet to learn any dignity? Being a man means more than the ability to birth 2 children by the age of 22...............

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