Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Fruit or stone

The insecurity with Bordeaux wines is always about when to drink. The rule of thumb for the British was to hold their Left Bank clarets for at least 10 years, and Right Bank for at least 7. Does this rule hold anymore? Even the Bordelais themselves admit that the current custom of de-stemming grapes before crushing takes off 10-15 years of age-worthiness.

I suppose the question of when to drink depends on what you would like to experience in a wine. Clarets have never been overtly fruit-forward, like their Californian counterparts. But young Bordeaux has that freshness and purity of fruit that's quite appealing, and it would be a shame to never experience it.

Mature wines speak to me, and that's the rule I'll try to adhere to. But, with the 2006 Bordeaux coming in, I think I'm grabbing a bottle or two to drink now. I hear Pindefleurs is delicious in its infancy.

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