Monday, June 15, 2009


...we go again.

Another weekend over. There was fear that it was going to be exceedingly uneventful, as usual, but came through on Saturday. The trip to Niagara and Flat Rock was great.

Learned a lot about wine this Friday and Saturday. Learned a lot about my palate, and went up just a notch.

Havn't seen my friends in what seems like an age. Will work on that.

And will continue working on this blog. I think about how to develop it 24/7, and what new content I can add to keep it interesting and fresh. It's not about showing off myself - it's about connecting with people, and really searching for truth in wine. I'm always thinking of new ways I can improve this blog, both in my writing and content, and am always appreciative of constructive criticism.

Working on new videos as well.

So many thanks for visiting. I hope you agree with many of my opinions, and if I've inspired you to alter your perceptions of what you thought wine to be, then this experiment has been a success.

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