Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Inimitable swagger

Wayfarer 2132 Tortoise

Here they are, as previously referenced in Dust Up. Ray Ban Wayfarer 2132, Tortoise.

I wear these not because of trend, but because of their inherent swagger. When you've been around for 50 years, that's legacy. That's classicism. And that's respect.

You wear them like this man: Confidence

Can the hipsters quickly be done with their silly day-glo framed Ray Bans, so that the real men can show everyone how to really wear Wayfarers? Please. Helpless, pathetic trend mingers, more castrati than men. And you need to be a man to wear Wayfarers.


  1. Congrats on your wayfarers!

  2. This I gotta see...in person.
    Plus I wanna try them on...not that I haven't before (sunglasseshut @ outlets FTW)..but I look like a fag

    ...which was the point of your post actually...but sometimes..if you (i meant me) can't pull it off..then you (i) can't pull it off

  3. Audrey, I think I owe Albert a huge thanks for directing me to the right place...

    Rocky - it's ok, aviators work for you...I look like a dick in them.