Saturday, June 27, 2009


Staying with the alcohol theme. It just bugs me because I've drank a number of wines these few weeks that were overblown, over-ambitious, and just difficult to enjoy.

I want wines that hold your hand and whisper sweetly into your ear, not wines that scream and shout for attention. Wines with high alcohol reflect this very North American idea that more of everything is better. That is not true! This idea is about competition - that wines should shine above everything else on the table. It has to be the focus, the centre of attention. And that is why I can't bring myself to drink these wines.

Tolerance for alcohol has nothing to do with it. People who judge connoisseurship by the amount of alcohol they can consume are the same people who think of McDonalds as a restaurant.

Wine is meant for drinking, and shouldn't be's a sensual experience above all. And the sensuality of the wine comes from the flavours and expressions of the terroir. Over-ripeness (and the resulting high alcohol) robs the wine of this expression. And that is a shame.

A wine that makes you fall asleep is no good. What happened to the wines that lift your spirits, enrich conversations, and make you think inappropriate thoughts? I guess I'm an Old World drinker after all.


  1. Nice article. njoyed going through it. keep it up the good work.

  2. Thanks a lot Su, appreciate the comments!