Thursday, June 25, 2009

King of Pop

I'm watching CNN right now, shocked to see that Michael Jackson has died. Shocked. It's too bad that the molestation trial stained his legacy - people see him as a sideshow, but I remember watching him in the early '90s and amazed at how electrifying he was.

My goodness. The greatest entertainer of all time. I'm going to listen to 'Black or White' tonight, and remember him.


  1. CNN still had him as hospitalized at 5pm when everyone else knew he passed

  2. I'm so done with CNN, the only time Larry King was animated was when he was telling his guests that their time was up and that they should shut up.

    Trust BBC. Americans don't understand what journalism is anymore, all they know is cheap tabloid-style sensationalism. Country full of fags running the media, where celebrity gossip is more news-worthy than getting the facts right.