Thursday, June 11, 2009

NBA Finals Game 4

I don't think I'll be able to finish watching the entire game, unfortunately. Both teams starting off strong.

--- 1st Quarter, 6:03

Turk is 2-2 on hard drives to the basket. I don't understand why he doesn't do it more often. No way Odom or Gasol can guard him.

Howard has 7 boards and 2 blocks already, halfway through the first quarter. What a beast. What I don't comprehend is why he insists on catching and holding the ball below his waist. It's not that hard to see that he makes himself prone to steals and fumbles. Ewing needs to get on that right now.

---1st Quarter, 5:40

Orlando's playing their game. If they can keep up this kind of ball movement, L.A. needs to be careful. I don't know if I like Turk bringing the ball up instead of Alston.

I guess we're seeing inconsistent Odom today. What a silly foul on Howard.

---1st Quarter, 3:44

When Alston makes his shots, this team is deadly. Just made a three-pointer, a deep two, and a ridiculous floater over Fisher.

Whoa, a DJ Mbenga sighting. Foul trouble on L.A.'s bigs. Heyyyyy youuuuu guysss!!!!!

I'm puzzled and amused everytime I see Rashard Lewis' Egyptian pharaoh beard. Is his ancestry really North African?

---1st Quarter, 1:42

Say what you want, Kobe is still the greatest. Just made a play out of nothing. Drew an absolutely beautiful foul on Pietrus.

THERE YOU GO!!!! Again, Turk, hard to the rim, makes a shot. Van Gundy should get on his ass to do that every single damn time.

---1st Quarter, 0:45

Just loving this. Alston made another floater in the lane.

I'm rubbing my eyes. What is going on? L.A. has Mbenga and now Powell on the floor? Digging deep. Kobe has to dominate.


Dammit. I think I'm going to call it a night - it's past my bedtime. Lame................

I'm going with Orlando. Yet still, Lakers in 7.


Wow. Tough loss. I can't understand why Van Gundy would go with Jameer Nelson. Come on man, Alston was fantastic early on. I need this experiment with Nelson would end badly. Alston and Anthony Johnson were great leading up to the Finals and all of a sudden, you want to insert an under-sized guard who hasn't played in 4 months? Maybe this talk of Van Gundy being a master of panic is true after all. Unbelievable. Alston's been handling this shit a lot better than I expected.

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