Monday, June 1, 2009

New text

Notice the new updates yet? If not, look UP and LEFT.

No use denying or hiding the fact. I suppose you become a snob whenever you invest great energy into becoming an expert in any subject matter, so why run away from it? Judging and labelling people is what makes the world work.

Got my hand grip for my camera today. I don't like the neck strap Nikon gives you with the body. Bright yellow is a bit too garish. Feels great, but now the camera doesn't rest flat on its base.

The plan was to buy another laptop. My VAIO is starting to break apart - the fan is making funny noises, it overheats quickly without my laptop cooler, and the earphone jack has been broken since last March. Add on the fact that Vista makes everything operate at a snail's pace, and clearly, the outlook is pretty grim. I need a new computer to fully utilize my camera, but I think I'll have to stick it out with this one for now. We'll wait until it explodes.

Did I mention that the banner and profile is all new?

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