Saturday, June 13, 2009

Niagara Tour - Flat Rock Cellars

Flat Rock Cellars

Flat Rock Cellars

Flat Rock Cellars

An old favourite. But a lot of new faces. I was inspired to visit this producer again, after tasting this horrendously alcoholic New Zealand pinot noir last night. I've always loved Flat Rock's pinot - it remains one of the most memorable wines I've ever tasted, because it's the wine that convinced me that Niagara was able to produce earthy, soulful wines rooted in the land.

We tasted the 2007 Estate Pinot Noir. Lacks the concentration I expected from such a blockbuster vintage. Good balance and earthy, red fruit flavours. What surprised me the most were the 2008 rieslings. The 2008 Nadja's Riesling was absolutely delicious - minerally and intense, with great complexity. The 2008 Estate Riesling was very young at this point, with high, tense acidity. Very excited to see how these will show with some age.

This time, we were given a more comprehensive tour. I'm very pleased to see that they believe in more seasoned barrels - they use a lot of 3-year old oak.

I saw the President, Ed, very busy around the winery. That's how you know quality exists. The best fertilizer for a vineyard is an owner's footsteps. This is a really stunning property, and proves that high quality wines can be made at extremely value-driven prices. Well done, well done.

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