Monday, June 15, 2009

Olde York

I've stopped eating them, but the one junk food that I really love are potato chips. There's one particular brand though, that I remember quite fondly.

When I was young, my favourite chips were Olde York Jalapeño Chips. No one does jalapeño like they do. Golden, crispy chips, fiery and peppery. So spicy that your tongue melted, but absolutely delicious. And then, they kind of disappeared. Just stopped seeing them, anywhere. And I've missed them ever since. Miss Vickie's is a poor substitute.

So, being the persistent bugger that I am, I found Olde York's contact information, and asked them about buying directly from them. I asked for a case, which seemed to me like a reasonable request. After a week, the Account Payable department got back to me. They don't sell directly to the public. Rats.

If anyone knows where I can buy Olde York Chips, please, please, let me know.

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