Sunday, June 28, 2009

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It's been an interesting few months, yes? For me at least. Interesting contrast. My wine experiences have been fantastic. Social life? Not so fabulous. But I can't complain.

I think I'm done with California. I don't have the wallet, or the solid liver to deal with their over-priced, 16% alcohol nukes. New Zealand, I'll keep trying.

There's several flights of riesling I want to begin tasting, once my friends get back. Lots of old white wines that've been sitting in my closet for the last few months. We need to get drinking, mes amis.

Sunday morning, chilling in the kitchen with tea, eggs, and Hova. Going to be an abbreviated week coming up. Which is nice. But come on, what dick made Canada Day out on a Wednesday? Jackass dropping the ball somewhere on Parliament.

Summer has yet to begin, who knows what'll happen?

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