Sunday, June 28, 2009


Just finished my first HD video, and waiting for it to render. Looks like it may take a while. I hope it turns out well.

5 years ago, I could never do this. Going before a video camera, and then broadcasting it on youtube. I'm a nice guy, but always a shy one. I believe in what I say (honestly!) and I feel like I make valid points in the videos I do. Hopefully people feel the same way. At least this is a great documentation of my wine acumen, circa 2009.

Maybe I'll look back in 10 years and laugh at how stupid I was. Or maybe not. Hopefully, my on-camera brilliance translates now and on.


Blogger's note:

A slight wrinkle. After output, the 9 minute video came out as 1.26 GB. A bit of a problem, as Vimeo only allows for 500 Mb uploads. Back to editing tomorrow...

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