Monday, June 8, 2009

Slurp and swagger

A bit of arrogance can't be helped, whether you're dabbling a little, or a lot in wine. But always, an arrogance that's grounded in a hierarchy - you never, ever, never insult a more experienced palate. That would just be silly. Just as ludicrous would be to try and show off knowledge/experience/cellar in the presence of a more seasoned taster. Know your palate, know your place among your fellow wine lovers, and peace prevails.

But...self-confidence in taste and tasting ability is what separates the plonkers from the connoisseurs. I have no reason to be meek and deferential interacting with folks who laud Yellow Tail as anything more than barely drinkable, or scoff that, "The only difference in wine is if its red or white."

No, arrogance is warranted, and justified. Fighting ignorance is, after all, a noble intellectual pursuit, even if I have to crack that you have the palate of a wet donkey.

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