Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Summerhill LCBO

Summerhill LCBO

I visited the Summerhill LCBO this weekend, for the first time. This is supposed to be one of the flagships, featuring a dedicated Spirits section. Exciting!

Outside of the expensive Bordeaux, I think I prefer BV. But I'm now thoroughly convinced that LCBO just does not know how to, or does not care to, store wine properly. You know, lying bottles on their side, free of light, heat, or vibration?

Proper storage is not a financially viable proposition for LCBO. That is why you're getting screwed if you buy a wine more than 2 weeks after its release. Stored in temperatures hovering in the low 20's, under bright lights - not ideal. I saw a bottle of Zilliken Auslese that's been sitting on shelves, standing upright, for well more than a year. Beware...

LCBO, you just don't get it, do you? Sometimes, ensuring that your customers get the best possible products is worth more than air conditioning costs. And I'm asking you to turn down your damn lights!!

These storage conditions are cruel and a shock to the wine's health. Stay current with what's being released - any other way is at your own risk.

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