Sunday, June 21, 2009

Video: Wine Equipment - Corkscrews

My second video, on what you need to begin a hobby in wine. The first of 2 parts - still tinkering with getting it in HD. Let me know what you think.


  1. Nice corkscrew. Thanks for sharing the information. Nice video too. It is appreciated.

  2. Rocky - it's very business-appropriate, no? I heard that it's a good look for me, so I'll risk looking like a skinhead in the office.

    Thanks very much Beth! Your comments are appreciated as well. I'm still playing around with editing in HD - this is only my 2nd video, and definite improvements have to be made.

  3. Why is your tripod so high??? It's giving your forehead wrinkles. I agree with rocky. Nice haircut. I think definitely the best look for you. Your voice is extra sonorous on video.

  4. Lucy, thank you very much! I'll wrinkle either way - and a straight on camera is kind of intimidating.

    I'm glad I don't sound like a squeaky 14 year old on camera...but still working on delivery.

    And what are you doing still up at 4:20 AM??!!

  5. Lucy's a druggy..that's why she's up at 420!!

    by the way, mind the white balance on your next video. You can adjust it in-camera.

  6. Geniuses don't need sleep.

    I need your help - in video, you can play around with aperture, but it auto adjusts ISO. There's a way you can lock in the exposure, I think it's the AE-L key, but I have no idea how to use it.

    But at least I finally figured out how to set it film in HD.