Thursday, July 23, 2009

2001 Rioja Gran Reserva

2001 Rioja Bordòn

2001 Rioja Bordón Gran Reserva, DOC Rioja

Spain produces a lot of wine that I love. One of the wines I love the most is Rioja. It combines pure fruit with mature characters, as well as an almost perfect integration of oak.

This bottle is classified as Gran Reserva, meaning that it spends a minimum of 5 years in the bodegas before it's release - 2 years in cask, and 3 years in bottle. That's one of the great appeals of this wine - it's unique in the wine world in the amount of oak age it sees. But, these wines are anything but oaky. Very little new oak is used, and all you get is a soft vanilla creaminess on the nose.

As usual, this bottle of wine was opened on a whim. Light red robe, although it's turning an almost tawny shade. Losing a bit of its luster. Typical Rioja nose, which is wonderful. Just like a good hug with someone you particularly like. Red fruits, some dried dates, as well as earthy tones and some subtle oak on the nose. Sour red berries as well. On the palate, this is quite a lean wine, with lots of sour red fruits. Mature fruit character, with mocha and crystalline minerality. Lingering, soft finish. Great texture.

Not a profound wine, but a very true example of what Rioja can deliver. Perfect for the occasion.

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  1. Thanks for sharing the 2001 Rioja Bordón Gran Reserva, DOC Rioja wine review. It was nice going through it.