Monday, July 13, 2009

2008 Twenty Mile Bench

2008 Flat Rock Cellars

2008 Flat Rock Cellars Pinot Noir, VQA Twenty Mile Bench

Wow. I want to begin by proclaiming this the finest bottle of wine I've ever tasted from Flat Rock.

Surprised to see this on store shelves so soon, and I really wasn't planning on opening it so soon, but here it is. From the 2008 vintage, a rainy, humid, and generally awful vintage. Which is why it's so surprising - this wine is incredible.

Light red pomegranate colour, the lightest Flat Rock I've ever seen. Intense nose of juicy, fresh rose petals and sour cherries. Very linear and transparent. Excellent pinot noir character - all the earthiness and root character of Flat Rock, but with the rose petals of the Niagara peninsula. I've noticed this character in the best pinot noir producers in Niagara, and it's wonderful to see this in Flat Rock as well.

Fantastic palate. Lots of red fruits - sour cherry, raspberry. Rose petals follow, with a chlorine minerality on the finish. Marvelous length. I drank this in bed, and I clearly had an impression of the wine on my palate in the morning. Yes, waking up to rose petals in the mouth is one of the world's great pleasures. Just marvelous.

Perfect weight, less than, or around 12% alcohol. This is a fine, aggressive, true pinot noir. Now, I have to ask the question - because Flat Rock is known for their clonal research, in terms of vines, is this a byproduct of finding the right pinot noir clone? I can't answer that until I ask them the next time I visit. But the wine speaks for itself - there can be no doubt. This is a serious wine, and a turning point for Flat Rock.

A profound wine. Bravo, bravo, bravo!!!

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