Wednesday, July 22, 2009

All love, all love

I just recovered from having a fish bone stuck in my throat. What am I, 9? Of course, I tried the classic Chinese remedy of swallowing a large mouthful of rice. No good. But, with a bit of coughing, massaging, water, and willpower, I forced the sucker down. Great success!


Kings - wine

My respect for Kings leaped with this past episode. King Silas has an exchange with Abedon, and out of nowhere, a dissertation on wine!

Abedon: What's this?
Silas: Incentive. To see if the tongue relied upon contains all its faculties.
Abedon: Chocolate. Cassis. Vines grown on clay, roots at the surface. Mmm...mmm! Oak there...2 years to mellow...Ivano '61?

Now, a made up wine for sure, but everything else is pure joy for wine lovers. First impressions - he's talking about Bordeaux, clearly, most likely Left Bank. First Growth of Pauilliac? Chocolate and cassis are very common flavours found in Left Bank claret. Vines grown on clay - that sounds more like Right Bank. 'Roots at the surface' is the only thing that doesn't make much sense - great wines come from vines with a very deep root system. You would be able to detect deep roots if the wine shows a lot of minerality...but this is not a discussion found in tasting notes. How deep the roots are is something that's undetectable on taste. 2 years in oak is also questionable - Bordeaux is rarely aged that long in barriques. 18 months would have been more believable.

The name kind of seals it as a Bordeaux. Ivano is a fake name, but 1961 is one of the marquee vintages of 20th century Bordeaux.

Now, if they had proposed a real bottle of 1961 Bordeaux, that would have sent me into the stratosphere. Perhaps a Latour, or Margaux, Petrus, or Cheval Blanc. But, let's not be too greedy.

The greatest drama ever shown on TV! What a shame that it's all ending this weekend. The networks have no courage.

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