Monday, July 20, 2009

Auslese my friends, we need more Auslese

Didn't I promise not so long ago that I'd put a ceiling on my wine purchasing? Well, that doesn't apply to Mosel wines. Not one bit. I know I keep boring by writing about Mosel instead of actually drinking it,'s coming, it's coming.

Thought it over, and decided that I wanted a few more bottles of this wine released on VintagesOnline a few months ago. 1995 P.S. Bäumler-Becker Erben Riesling Auslese, QmP Wehlener Sonnenuhr. It's just too irresistible. Especially when you understand that this producer is shutting down. Apparently, the proprietor is retiring and there's no one to take up the responsibility. Such a shame, especially if this family's been doing this for 200 years. A damn shame.

So, looking out for these wines. I have a 2001 sitting somewhere as well - it'll be interesting to taste them side by side.

It's going to happen soon, promise.

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