Sunday, July 19, 2009

Cause I'm leaving on a jet plane...

...don't know when I'll be back again.

I've stopped going on Facebook. Except to post links from this blog, of course. But I've stopped caring what other people post on their pages. Really, how many of these tacky status updates can we take? Do I sound like a jackass? I'm not even warmed up yet.

What aggravates the most is that every other day, someone has posted pictures from their trips, as if we're supposed to be dazzled and impressed. Come on. If you really want to show off, put together an album with at least 30% of the images sharp.

For certain, this is part bitterness, part jealousy, because while I claim to love traveling, how much of it have I done in the past 12 months? No, going to the Finger f*cking Lakes doesn't count. I'd love nothing than to drop everything and just go somewhere, but.........

Man, this is getting ridiculous. You know the best thing I have to look forward to? It's a family trip back to Shanghai. Shouldn't really be complaining, because the trip is important, but traveling with your mother isn't really a recipe to find yourself.

The point frustration is kind of simmering at the moment, but if one day I disappear and end up in Galicia.................

Oh, and please stop posting your stupid, shitty, blurry photos on Facebook. Your clichéd, witless commentary at the bottom doesn't help either. Unbelieeeeeeeeeevable.


I apologize, sincerely, to anyone visiting from the Finger Lakes tourism board. Middle-aged tourist getaways just aren't my thing.


  1. yea that's why my gorilla quiz was so much cooler.

  2. Agreed. At least you didn't turn out to be like, a rat or something.

  3. Seriously, at least have the decency to rotate the pictures that require it!

  4. It's really the least you could do. Subjecting people to blurry photos and forcing them to tilt their heads?? Fascist.