Wednesday, July 29, 2009


I have a fickle relationship with cheese. Sometimes I can eat only cheese (and wine) for dinner. Other times, I recoil at the smell. There's only one explanation - it's not a childhood food, and that's why eating it is more of a conscious decision (cheese fits in nicely just before dessert) instead of a natural one.

I didn't grow up eating cheese. Chinese people don't touch that stuff. At least if you're from the south. Which is why I have this mental block preventing me from eating anything stinky. No blue, no Roquefort, no sheep's milk cheese. Although there's this sheep's milk cheese that you crumble over a salad that I find absolutely delicious. Feta? But I remember this chunk of oka that was especially pungent. Like a foot. Like someone else's foot, because of course, you enjoy your own brand.

Oh, but I love brie. Brie of all kind. Soft, runny, a bit pungent, with a minty herbal note. Delicious on bread, slightly toasted. Delicious.

The stereotypical food/wine pairing is wine and cheese right? But I find that pairing exceptionally hard. If it's not done properly, the wine can easily taste bitter and unpalatable. Sweet wines work. Colheita port works especially well. Of course, there's the Sauternes/Roquefort match. I'll face blue cheese again, to try that pairing. When my Sauternes are mature....yes, when they become ready.

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