Sunday, July 12, 2009

Cool it

Is it self-absorbed to be a bit disappointed that my page views aren't consistently where I want them to be? Everytime I feel like my readership is expanding, things fall flat. Or should I be happy that I'm getting at least one hit per day?

I'm giving myself a cooling off period of 12 hours before I write something about this restaurant that I'll regret later. We went out for dinner tonight and well.............yeah, I'm going to digest things a bit before I pass judgement on the meal.

Things were brighter after dinner. Wish we could chill for a bit longer, but everyone's busy. Pindefleurs 2006 is keeping me company tonight. Should I video myself completely sauced, or would that give the wrong impression to my co-workers? No, I should leave a bit of mystique.

We were talking about names we give to material things in our lives, like cars, laptops, phones. While we're at it, I'd like you all to now refer to me as.............the Godfather. That is all.

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