Sunday, July 19, 2009

A day of rest

It's 1pm, I'm up, I'm up. And no hangover!

Looks grey outside. Perfect for a quiet nap in the afternoon, or lazily dozing off on the sofa, glass in hand...

I actually want to accomplish a lot today. Lots of housekeeping to do. Next week is going to be interesting. You know, as a younger lad, I would take silly frivolities like clothing seriously. I think I just stopped caring. I'm been wearing pajamas all weekend. And a t-shirt with many wine stains on it. Hair unkempt, unshaven - this is what happens when you spend 80% of your time awake thinking about wine because when you think about wine, you'll eventually open a bottle, and once you start drinking, you stop thinking about going out.

I think I'm starting to forget my friend's faces. Terrible. I see them and I always say, 'Let's have dinner', but the onus always seems on me to organize, and eventually, cook everything. But then again, I deride places like Jump for not understanding food, so I think I bring it on myself. Still - it'd be nice to be cooked for. A few friends have completed their CA exams, so we should be celebrating. I blame it on the weather.

The palate itches for another bottle to be opened. But another wine may be excessive, even for me. Maybe a pale ale instead?

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