Thursday, July 30, 2009

Edinburgh Ale

Caledonian Brewery 80

Caledonian Brewery 80/-, Edinburgh

Another ale from Scotland, and from the same brewery. An interesting fact I learned from the name is that 80/- means 80 shillings. In Scotland, tradition holds that beer was categorised by the amount of tax charged per hogshead (504 pint barrel of beer), in shillings. 40/-, 50/-, and 60/- were fairly light-bodied and mild in taste, while 70/-, 80/-, and 90/- were richer and fuller.

Deeper colour than the Deuchars India Pale Ale - almost amber. Beautiful, rich nose of caramel, floral, and some fruit. Touch of mocha as well. Much heavier in the mouth, with good, hoppy character. Delicious mocha on the finish.

A beautiful beer. Rich, but the bitterness from the hops makes it refreshing. This is a real beer!

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