Saturday, July 4, 2009

In season

So I guess it's more or less a done deal: Turkoglu's coming to Toronto.

I like Turk. He had some great games during the playoffs. A big man that can run plays, and deadly in the clutch. Like Delfino, except bigger and (much) more skilled. Marion's gone. I don't see any possible way that they can keep him, especially if he's not going to accept anything less than $10M a year. Bosh, Bargnani, Turk, Calderon. I like that.

Mr. Colangelo: Please re-sign Anthony Parker. Please sign Pops. Tell Joey Graham to f*ck off and unload his shitty game elsewhere. And please sign Rasho Nesterovic.

I really like Orlando dealing for VC. It had to hurt to deal Courtney Lee, but that Finals Game 2 miss must have factored in. You know, the one where they were tied, and Turk inbounded to Lee? Lee had a wide, wide, WIDE open look, but missed the alley-oop. VC is a shitface, but he could have made that shot half asleep.

Shaq to Cavaliers? Danny Ferry is as big of a moron as Steve Kerr was. Absolute imbecile. Lebron is as good as gone. It's going to be extremely entertaining to see them play, but New York may as well begin hawking Lebron Knickerbocker jerseys. So ridiculous. You think Ilgauskas is going to react well to coming off the bench? You think Shaq will react well to being subbed for Big Z? This is going to be interesting to watch.

Only 4 more months. Only 4 more months........

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