Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Into the New World

So, with the plumbing issue still unresolved, I'm spending today's day off at home. What can you do. I'm editing a video I recorded last weekend, which should be interesting - I hope.

Which brings me to rethink my goal of tasting more New World wines. I've made an effort to do so - California, New Zealand, and next week, Oregon. So far, all I've experienced from the Californians and Kiwis are explosive fruit bombs, flinging around their alcohol and flabby sweetness like red-hot shrapnel. There are some Oregon pinot noirs coming up in the next release, and I want to try. Another Central Otago as well. But........I'm not holding my breath. I'm preparing myself for disappointment, which is irrational at these prices ($40+). But what can you do.

I find myself continually drawn towards Niagara wines, when I want a wine that combines the pure fruit of the New World with the sensibility and balance of the Old World. I will continue beating the drum for Niagara wines (riesling, chardonnay, pinot noir) until I get noticed, because we can make wines that compete with the absolute best of America and elsewhere.

This is masochism. I don't want to generalize an entire region when I've only tasted a limited number of wines, but I just have yet to experience balanced New World wines with great focus and regional character. And I'm spending a lot more money on these wines than I should have to. Over-priced and mediocre? Well, in America...........that's a recipe for success.

At least when I get tired of these monsters (2 glasses in), I can turn to any number of 9.5% alcohol German rieslings to remind me of how sublime true wine can be. Ahhh, to be a lover of subtlety! Will we ever get there?

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