Monday, July 6, 2009

Loyal, vinously

No one believes in loyalty anymore. Which is tragic.

Loyalty is what makes us civilized. What's society coming to, when people can sour relationships on a whim? Is there such a thing as loyal friendships anymore? I try to be a loyal friend. That entails a compromising and equal relationship. There are people that switch friends like panties. If you tire of people after 6 months, maybe you're not making the right friends. Loyalty.

This idea plays a big role for the wine lover, during the most important time of the year - Bordeaux En Primeur season. Bordeaux is one of those wines that you buy in large quantities, at once. I buy about 95% of my Bordeaux during the En Primeur campaign. These wines are wines to put away - definitely not for early drinking. Any other wine I can purchase on regular releases. Bordeaux? En Primeur is the only opportunity you'll get.

My buying decisions really depend on vintage conditions, but there are wines that I will purchase every year, regardless of vintage. For example - 2007 was not a great vintage for red wines, but was spectacular for whites and Sauternes. Those were the wines that I focused on. However, there are a few wines that I look to purchase every year. La Lagune, Chasse-Spleen, L'Arrosée, Poujeaux, and when I'm in the mood, Faizeau. No blockbusters, no super-expensive names......mostly due to finance, but the advances in modern Bordeaux means that the brand names no longer hold a premium on top quality wines.

Classicism - that is the key. No oaky, over-extracted monsters. Of course, I'll only be able to reap the benefits of amassing these verticals in, oh, about 10 years.

What are you loyal to?

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