Sunday, July 19, 2009

My Gullwing

My Gullwing

I love cars, as we all do. I have 3 dream cars, all of which are probably out of my reach, in this lifetime at least. But, I did myself a favour - if I work really, really hard, and get really f*cking lucky, maybe I'll have a shot at one of them. My 3 dream cars: BMW M Coupé, Bugatti Type 57SC Atlantic, and Mercedes Benz 300SL, as shown above. I just fell in love with the BMW the first time I saw it. If you disagree with the Bugatti, you have no taste. And the 300SL - the Gullwing is just the dream.

Especially with the development of a new one. Edmunds Inside Line reviews the 2010 Mercedes Benz SLS AMG.

So. Will driving one of these make me more attractive? Say yes, say yes, say yes, please!

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