Sunday, July 26, 2009

The next day

So, all things considered, I got up at an acceptable hour with all body parts still attached. Yes, it was a good night.

Thunderstorm gently woke me up this morning. The greatest morning wake up call is to hear the pitter-pattering of rain on the window. If everyday could be like this, I'd be a very happy man.

It looks like Colangelo signed Rasho to a one year deal, at $1.9M. I think it's a fantastic addition to the team. Rasho probably won't complain about coming off the bench, but I remember him playing better as a starter. With Bargnani getting a new deal, it's inconceivable that they don't start him. Great move. I can't believe we'll have to wait 3 more months until we see this team in action. If TSN2 pulls any of its shenanigans again like last year, I'm going to lose it.

I'm starting to look like a Chia pet. Cha-cha-cha Chia!

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