Wednesday, July 22, 2009

On gardening

My mint garden is doing well, in spite of the weather. Just ridiculously cool weather we're seeing, no? I mean, it didn't even feel like it hit 20° today.

Mint needs moderate sun, but heat is always beneficial. We don't get a lot of light out back, which makes the heat even more necessary. They're becoming more fragrant, but still lacks the vigour I'd like. Some heat would also do my bamboo wonders.

This weather is ruining my summer. Just a little. I'm drinking less mojitos, less beers, and less sparkling wines than ever. This is a travesty, last summer was kind of awesome in comparison. Not having a job, sleeping until noon, and drinking yourself stupid every night was magical.


Omg, I'm watching Wipeout right now, how could you NOT find this stuff funny? Jill is looking mighty fine, think that was planned?

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