Thursday, July 30, 2009

On the menu

Look, there's still a day left, but I'm already thinking about what to cook over the weekend. Having some friends over, and totally, totally getting buzzed out of my mind.

You think I was writing about cheese for no reason? Rushing out Saturday, first thing in the morning, to pick up some baguette and brie. Simple. Working on some beef as well as a simple pasta. Lots of beer is going to be served - I have a few ales I want to taste this weekend.

There's a release this weekend. Some rieslings shown, as well as a Greek wine. Exciting! How many bottles can I finish? I should explore the possibility of a breakfast and wine pairing.

So, unfortunately, not able to go out to Muskoka with my homies but this might not be so bad.


To all my buddies in Waterloo and Cambridge, good luck - the term's winding down, true crunch-time. Knock it out of the park, and we'll celebrate when y'all get back.

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