Friday, July 3, 2009

On tasting and being grand

Still working on that video. Recorded a new one today, on the wines we drank for dinner. Very exciting pair. At the moment, I'm on my 3rd wine of the night - a fragrant, flowery pinot noir that's absolutely delicious. I know, I'm turning into a raging wino.

Which brings me to how to taste. I've always believed in tasting wines in the right context. Ideally, I want to taste at least 2 wines at a time, for comparison purposes. Like tonight. I opened 2 German rieslings - same producer, different vintage. As I've mentioned to my friends, that's the approach I want to use for when we taste together. Vertical tastings appeal to me. Regionally specific tastings work too, but I prefer focusing tastings on the same producer.

I think I'm just rambling a bit. Excuse, I've been drinking.

I'd love to host these huge dinners, with 10 flights of wine, but alas, I'm not a Count. But I do my best. For my favourite friends, I'll open anything.

Come back soon, videos will be up shortly.

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