Sunday, July 26, 2009


Many, many things happened this weekend. Got my head shaved again today, quite extreme. I discovered that my skull protrudes a bit at the back. I'm 23 and I've never realized my head was shaped like that.

The weather's been a bit turbulent, so outdoor stuff, like washing the car, seems pointless. Anyways, my Clivia is blooming again. Two times in less than 8 weeks has to be some kind of record.

Dropped by LCBO today, to pick up an order, and also to look around the new beer releases. It's summer, and LCBO's promoting this new Discover the World theme for premium beers. Found a lot of ales from Britain, Germany, and various other places. Picked up a few cans, and I'm excited to be tasting through them.

The vast majority of beer drinkers are, quite unfortunately, drunk louts satisfied by any cheap, mass-market brew. Buzz off, I freely admit to being a snob. But I believe that there are people who are serious about finely crafted brews, and who flee from Coors as much as I do from Yellow Tail. This is an area that I'd really like to learn more about. Enjoying beer occupies a completely different space compared to wine - the language used to describe beer is really fascinating.

Cheers, to learning more about beer!

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