Thursday, July 30, 2009


People have this need for approval in wine, no? It's like I need you to approve of the wines I drink, because it gives me credibility as someone who knows about wine. This is ridiculous, let's stop it. I have no credibility, and am not fishing for any. What I drink is my own preference and my own taste - I could care less what anyone else thinks.

I'm not trying to influence you, or to persuade you to drink as I do. Friends like to label people, it's true. We have a photography guy, a car guy, a food guy...but that's just silly. I'm NOT the wine guy, nor do I ever want to be known as one. Don't ask, 'What should I drink?' Why the f*ck would you want anyone to tell you what to drink? As long as it's not poison, drink whatever the f*ck you a somewhat mature adult, aren't you capable of making those decisions yourself?

Getting approval isn't necessary for happiness. Do whatever makes you happy, man. If you enjoy white zin, go for it. Of course, don't try to convince others that that's what they should be drinking. Be your own person, in wine, and otherwise.

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