Saturday, July 25, 2009

Special Pale Ale

Wellington S.P.A.

Wellington Brewery Special Pale Ale, Guelph

I don't pretend to know anything about beer, but I do enjoy drinking finely crafted brews, especially in the summer. This is a pale ale I picked up when I was returning empties, from a small brewery in Guelph.

Orange-tinged colour, quite light amber. Lingering foamy head. Quite a complex nose - yeasty and hoppy, with an almost fruity aroma. The palate is much simpler. Finish is adequate, but the hops found on the nose don't appear in the mouth. Initially just a touch sweet, which thins out. Slightly bitter.

This is a refreshing beer, but not an excellent one. Disappoints a bit in the mouth, because it doesn't correspond to the bouquet. However, as a friend remarked, beer isn't to be contemplated as much as wine is - it's ability to refresh is just as important as its bouquet/palate. Well said. But until I learn beer jargon, I'm still going to evaluate beers as I do wines.

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